Who Is Lynita Smith

Hi!  My name is Lynita Smith, and I am the Co-Owner of Smith Legacy Enterprises http://www.SmithLegacyEnterprises.com where I serve as a Home Based Business Mentor, and a Health and Beauty Strategist.  I have worked for over 20 years in several administrative positions, but shortly after I entered the workforce, I would often think . . . “There has got to be a better way”.  I was just never satisfied with working a regular job for a regular paycheck.  I knew that a job would never be enough for me to live the lifestyle that I really desired.  So, when the opportunity to be mentored in business came along, I was open-minded enough to begin the process of allowing my mentors to teach me how to create an income producing asset.  I now mentor others, and I help them start home-based businesses of their own.

I have been happily married to Kenton Smith for 14 years, and we have two daughters, Iyha and Laila.  I know all too well the struggles of busy moms.  Which is why I think I gravitated toward the Health and Beauty industry because I was seeking a way to nurture myself after neglecting myself for so long.  Putting my family’s needs before my own didn’t serve me well at all, but my experiences have taught me how to make better choices.  I have a passion for helping other moms do the same thing.  Make better choices, and live better lives.  Whether they have a desire to own a home-based business to provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their family, or they want to get better at making themselves a priority so that they can serve their families from a full cup, rather than feeling like they’re always running on empty.  I aim to support moms in becoming Healthier, Happier, Better Moms!




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